My inspiration for naming this blog Gypsy Rich came from the oxymoronic idea that Gypsies aren’t known for their monetary riches; but even still, the exciting experiences that come with the nomadic and free lifestyle, is rich with unpredictability, human connection and sezt for life… I see them as a traveling band of nature loving, creative individuals who exist as a whole in a community that lives off and breeds inspiration, to all who come in contact with them. This blog is dedicated to all the diamonds in the rough fashion finds I come across, and the places I’ve travelled… ENJOY!

One thought on “About

  1. Crazy great idea! I wish I could be your cinematographer/videographer and make this a real branded content show!
    I love the name too! Although I poke fun at my European Czech friends who well gypsy is not so fashionable there.

    But everywhere English we know what it means!

    Ps- I’m WordPress revamping my site so I’m embarrassed but soon!

    I would love to discuss more of your material! And videography ideas

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