Recognizing Old Habits, Shifting Perspectives and Facing the Shadows

  (***Post Note: Things have since changed and I’ve grown to love the people here so much that I’ve decided to stay… the truth in this post, the point of exposing my flaws like this, is that I saw something uncomfortable and instead of staring it in the face, I turned around and went the other direction. BUT, the more quickly I’m able to recognize … Continue reading Recognizing Old Habits, Shifting Perspectives and Facing the Shadows

Dealing with Depression

Depression is something that I’ve dealt with on and off for a long time– it’s like a dark friend that I’ve tried to ignore and defeat with prescription drugs, illegal drugs, anything to deny its existence; but in the back of my mind I always know he’s there. I’ve come to a point in life where I’ve gone through these highs and lows, and then … Continue reading Dealing with Depression

Ancient Monuments in Athens

If you like history or philosophy, or better yet, both, then Athens is a city that will make your little intellectual mind sing out in observance of and reverence for humanity’s magnificent past. The home to what arguably were the greatest philosophers who ever lived, or at the very least, the place where philosophy really began taking off more than 2500 years ago, Athens is … Continue reading Ancient Monuments in Athens

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A Brief Rundown of Resort Bars and Views on Koh Phangan

For those of you who plan to come to Koh Phangan, Thailand which, if you like yoga, island vibes, beautiful beaches and tropical weather, (and of course the popular full moon party, which I’ve yet to check out but sounds pretty hectic!) then I absolutely recommend experiencing at least once in your life– here is a list of some of the restaurants, beach bars and … Continue reading A Brief Rundown of Resort Bars and Views on Koh Phangan

Stop Working and Start Playing

I’ve been realizing more and more how absent “play” has been from my life. Whether I’m feeling like it or not, I force myself to work, and because writing IS my work, when I’m feeling creative, I still work, because that seems to be the most pressing thing in front of me—and no matter how much I work, there’s always more—more deadlines, new clients, emails … Continue reading Stop Working and Start Playing

Secret Ceviche Spot Tulum

The secret spot you wish you knew about… Lucky you, now you do… But good luck finding it, use your intuition, if you really want it, you will find it… If you are in the mood for some local ceviche that’s super off the radar and perhaps, the freshest you’ll ever encounter, then darlings you are in for a treat… Today my friend Richard graciously … Continue reading Secret Ceviche Spot Tulum