Secret Ceviche Spot Tulum

The secret spot you wish you knew about… Lucky you, now you do… But good luck finding it, use your intuition, if you really want it, you will find it…IMG_5607

If you are in the mood for some local ceviche that’s super off the radar and perhaps, the freshest you’ll ever encounter, then darlings you are in for a treat…

Today my friend Richard graciously invited me to tag along with some family he had visiting from abroad to this tropical backwoods haven for lunch– it’s the kind of place only the locals know about– the kind that if you don’t know the precise dirt road turn off you’d never find.

Tankah Bay Tulum, Q.R.. Mexico
Tankah Bay Tulum, Q.R.. Mexico

There isn’t a sign, the restaurant remains nameless, and they might not even have a menu…. Richard took care of everything from the start– ordering the ceviche and fried fish, so I’d advise just following his lead when it comes to ordering… it was incredible and unquestionably worth the trip.

The bay is gorgeous. Crystal clear waters that feel like stepping into a perfectly drawn bath layered above a thriving hundred yard coral reef. 

The only direction I can give you to find this hidden spot is to keep your eyes out for the sign for Oscar & Lola’s restaurant on HWY 307 from Tulum towards Playa del Carmen, take a right and drive down a dirt road for a few miles and it will be on your left. The area is packed with trees, hammocks, pristine sea life and shells, and few if any people, make sure to keep it your little secret!

Tankah Bay Tulum, Q.R.. Mexico
Tankah Bay Tulum, Q.R.. Mexico

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