Tulum Day 19: A brief recap

Last time I posted was Friday, so just to catch you up on the happs of my excursion if you care– Saturday I ran into a friend while I was working on an article at Babel Coffee Shop on Avenida Tulum (the main road in town) and he was hitching to the beach and invited me to join, so after I finished writing I headed over there. We had lunch and some drinks at Papaya Playa and talked about our future plans and travels. Then we hitched back to town, and I feel so very lucky that my new friend Karen from London picked us up because now I have a super down travel buddy!!!

Papaya Playa Tulum
Papaya Playa Tulum
Tree House Tulum
Tree House Tulum

I Love Tulum!!

On Sunday Karen and I went to lunch at Le Bistro, and then we headed to the beach to meet her friend Carlos who has this super cool health food/tonic/coffee shop across from Casa Violeta. She knew Carlos from her last time in Tulum, and she was raving about his shaman powers. Karen and I ended up walking on the beach for a few hours and having lunch with one of her friends before heading back to Carlos’s shop where we did this is incredible Temezcal ceremony. It was in a low ceiling hut with a dirt floor and they continued to bring in hot stones which makes it kind of like a sauna but hotter than you can imagine. There was chanting in the beating of a drum, and as the heat got stronger everyone involved progressively lost their inhibitions and begin yelling out the craziest sounds and chants, I could never describe the experience and give it proper justice so I’ll stop at that. When Karen and I got out we ran to the beach and dove into the water and it felt like I had grown 5 inches taller, my body felt so light and at peace. Then we had an amazing dinner at La Zebra and went home to our beds. That’s about all I have to say for now but tomorrow we’re going to Chichinitza and Valladolid so I’m pretty freaking excited!!

IMG_5658 IMG_5666

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