Riding the BTS in Bangkok

  When I was first heading to Bangkok a few weeks ago several people detoured me from using the metro system– explanations of everything being in Thai, and a high likelihood of missing your stops and having no clue because they are seldom announced in English and other seemingly overwhelming deterrents flowed. I’m here to tell you the BTS Sky Train is awesome!! It’s clear … Continue reading Riding the BTS in Bangkok

Escaping Mae Sai (Visa Run Update)

So after spending the weekend in Mae Sai twiddling my thumbs and moseying around the city, that fated Monday when the immigration office would reopen finally came. I walked 2 miles from the border to the Chiang Rai Immigration Office in Mae Sai early that morning, using deep breaths to subdue thoughts of all the possible problems that might await me there– will I get charged … Continue reading Escaping Mae Sai (Visa Run Update)

Thai Visa Run: Epic Fail 2016

***For readers who have stumbled across this post in search of guidance about Visa runs from Thailand to the Mae Sai border of Myanmar and don’t want to scroll through my exhaustive experiential narrative, just read here to find out what I learned     On Friday morning while having breakfast at Thien art cafe in Pai in the north of Thailand I had this … Continue reading Thai Visa Run: Epic Fail 2016

Border Runs from Thailand to Myanmar

Here is what I discovered from my recent failed visa run to the Mae Sai border between northern Thailand and Myanmar. The Green Bus from Chiang Mai does seem to be the best/most comfortable bus to take to the Mai Sae border, it cost 319 baht this week (March 5, 2016) for the first class bus, which has a bathroom. (I took the second class … Continue reading Border Runs from Thailand to Myanmar

Border Town Blues

Dear Mae Sai you’ve been a hard pill to swallow. Downward gazes and inside jokes, farng, farang. Little pointing fingers followed by a wave of giggles as my floor-length dress with the slit down the side blows wild in the breeze, trying to contain my runaway drapery, maintain modesty in a border town where summer dresses don’t fly, you’re not in the islands anymore dear … Continue reading Border Town Blues