Riding the BTS in Bangkok


When I was first heading to Bangkok a few weeks ago several people detoured me from using the metro system– explanations of everything being in Thai, and a high likelihood of missing your stops and having no clue because they are seldom announced in English and other seemingly overwhelming deterrents flowed.
I’m here to tell you the BTS Sky Train is awesome!! It’s clear and easy to understand how to get from A to B– and even better, the Sky Train will drop you off right by the air rail, which takes you to Suvarnabhumi International (BKK) Airport for 35 baht! Just get off the BTS at the Phaya Thai stop and hop on the air rail, easy peasy!

2 thoughts on “Riding the BTS in Bangkok

  1. I also visited Bangkok a 3 weeks ago and I found BTS very efficient. Especially the airport transfer. 🙂

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