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Preparing to Set Sail

2016 has been filled to the brim with adventures to new and exciting places across southeast Asia and Europe, and I couldn’t feel more grateful for all the incredible people I’ve met and the many things I’ve learned about myself along the way. As 2017 is quickly getting under way, I am getting ready for my next adventure, and it’s like nothing I’ve ever done … Continue reading Preparing to Set Sail

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Staring the Fear of the Unplanned Adventure in the Face and Welcoming What Comes

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving”                                                                                                   -Lao Tzu   … Continue reading Staring the Fear of the Unplanned Adventure in the Face and Welcoming What Comes

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Short stop in Chania, Crete

On my way to a month-long intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training with Swaha Yoga led by Tanya Popovich in Paleochora, Crete (aka Kreta)  I had the chance to spend a few days in Chania (pronounce Hania), the second largest town on the island of Crete, Greece. Built in the 1300’s, the beautiful Venetian harbor in the port of Chania is definitely a magical place to … Continue reading Short stop in Chania, Crete

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Bali Briefing: A Month in Paradise

(This post is coming a bit late in my travels as I am now in Greece, but here it is just the same. Enjoy!) Bali oh me oh my, dear Bali. Well, you’ve definitely got it all– drunk Aussies stumbling through Kuta, Rupia millionaire ex-pats living it up in Seminyak, vegan yoga junkies getting their fix in Ubud, master divers in search of shipwrecks, bright … Continue reading Bali Briefing: A Month in Paradise

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A Brief Rundown of Resort Bars and Views on Koh Phangan

For those of you who plan to come to Koh Phangan, Thailand which, if you like yoga, island vibes, beautiful beaches and tropical weather, (and of course the popular full moon party, which I’ve yet to check out but sounds pretty hectic!) then I absolutely recommend experiencing at least once in your life– here is a list of some of the restaurants, beach bars and … Continue reading A Brief Rundown of Resort Bars and Views on Koh Phangan

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I Died & Went to Thai Dye Heaven

My friend Jaya took me to some of her favorite shopping spots in Thong Sala the other day and I don’t know what else to say other than I died and went to tie dye heaven! My favorite spot was Ban Fashion on Taladmai Rd. and the woman running the shop was so sweet and helpful. I took photos of some of what I got … Continue reading I Died & Went to Thai Dye Heaven

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Making Friends With Bugs and Other Animals

When I was younger I had tarantula and a snake and I loved them, I’d let them crawl all over me and I was never afraid. But as I’ve gotten older my bug phobia, specifically with spiders and cockroaches has grown exponentially. The other night I stumbled upon a massive spider in my bathroom, I was so paranoid that I avoided the bathroom for the … Continue reading Making Friends With Bugs and Other Animals

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Relaxing Into “Island Time”

….why would you want to live a life that was less than devotional art? For your own sake, for the sake of all beings, for God’s sake, wouldn’t you rather relax open as love’s offering than contract in stress and subjective confusion? Even if you were cooking dinner for yourself, alone in your house, why move as less than love’s open dance while offering your … Continue reading Relaxing Into “Island Time”

The Art of Taking A Shit in Thailand

(***This post is exactly what the title says it is, a little TMI but hopefully a useful FYI so you don’t go using your landlord’s dishtowel like I did) I came home after having a fabulous dinner with some friends at Big Mountain in Haad Chao Phao on Koh Phangan last night and I really had to go to the bathroom. After travelling for two days with crappy … Continue reading The Art of Taking A Shit in Thailand

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30 Hours to Paradise

Well I made it to Koh Phangan, Thailand where it’s 15 hours ahead of California, and I’m definitely feeling the weirdness of not having really slept yet after having departed the U.S. on a Monday evening and arriving at my destination on a Wednesday afternoon– my body and mind feel a bit confused, but it is so jaw droppingly, pinch yourself and question if this … Continue reading 30 Hours to Paradise

Tulum Day 10: Look inside yourself

Tulum is the best place in the world Vacation central love the beach Tulum Mexico Yu catant Tulum is beautiful Travel #fun #Mexico I’m feeling a little frustrated today for the silliest of reasons, but I know there are underlying causes beneath the aggravators on the surface. First, I quit smoking cigarettes six months ago, and I’ve been using a vapepen ever since. Unfortunately my charger … Continue reading Tulum Day 10: Look inside yourself

Tulum Day 5: Quality Products

Something I’ve noticed over the past few days is the intricate artistry and craftsmanship that the people here in Mexico put into their work, especially when it comes to furniture, leather goods, ceramics and household items. I’m sure there are a multitude of other quality creations, but these are the things I immediately noticed. I guess I first became aware of the strength and durability … Continue reading Tulum Day 5: Quality Products

Tulum Day 2: Settling In

I woke up super late today and it was god damn glorious. I walked down Satellite Sur past the main road, highway 307, and went to this incredible lunch & breakfast restaurant called Azafran. It was so cute. Brightly coloured walls inside and out, a small pond with a few turtles wading around, and the food was delicious. I sat on the back patio surrounded by these massive … Continue reading Tulum Day 2: Settling In

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Palais De Tokyo

We went to a phenomenal series of Art exhibitions last week at the Palais De Tokyo in Paris. Video artist Ed Atkins made us question reality, self-love, and the concept of being human with “Bastards”; a video shown in a dark room, complete with surround sound and pillowed walls that let us melt into the world he presented. In Ange Leccia’s installation entitled ‘Never the … Continue reading Palais De Tokyo

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Outfit of the Day…. Under 50$

I had a casting this morning and needed a simple classy look, here’s what I came up with. Simple Black Dress by Audrey 3+1 Clothing; A $5 find during a going out of business sale on Melrose Mary Jane pump- Xhileration $12 on sale from Target, apparently the size 11’s weren’t selling, all the better for me! Houndstooth Coat- Poetry Clothing- Hand-me-down from one of … Continue reading Outfit of the Day…. Under 50$

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Thread Sence, It just makes cents!

I really love Thread Sence. If you’re a SoCal native then you know our seasons aren’t quite as drastic as the ones you’ll experience in New York and other East Coast cities. However, even with the steadiness of our seasons, we are still, on occasion, subject to unpredictable chills once winter finally hits. It is for this reason that I love their site’s California Winter  section. From chuncky beanies … Continue reading Thread Sence, It just makes cents!

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And That’s A Wrap! Behind the scenes of MFG shoot with Photographer, Mote Sinabel…

The last week has been quite eventful to say the least. My boyfriend and I produced our first still shoot (or our first anything for that matter) with Japanese photographer Mote Sinabel. Bobby, my boyfriend, corresponded with Mote, who was in Paris, via Skype for several days up until Mote arrived in Los Angeles. Mote sent photos of India’s Holi festival, a festival centered on vibrant … Continue reading And That’s A Wrap! Behind the scenes of MFG shoot with Photographer, Mote Sinabel…

Quiet. Silence is Speaking.

Silence. The air is talking. The waves crashing. The planes rocket forth in the distance. How rare to just sit. To shut off the machine and simply exist. The silence looks black or white depending on the day. One moment the sun seems unable to rise, And all the nothingness appears empty. Yet soon enough the quiet shines a light. Emptiness becomes openness, a fertile … Continue reading Quiet. Silence is Speaking.

Cabo to Puerto Vallarta (Part I): Gas Station Rip Off, Sunset Magic & Hair Clips in the Head

We left our slip at Marina Cabo San Lucas around 5 p.m. Thursday afternoon, moving all of 20 ft. across the water to the marina gas station parallel to us. Despite being in Mexico, we knew we weren’t going to be getting any price breaks by refueling in Cabo; and as we expected, the diesel prices were equivalent to those in Marina Del Rey, CA. … Continue reading Cabo to Puerto Vallarta (Part I): Gas Station Rip Off, Sunset Magic & Hair Clips in the Head

Trust in the Distant Vision

  Making plans in the sand, Planting seeds for the future, You’ve laid them down like stones in your mind, So steadfast and precise, But they’re just stencils in the ether, And the currents they are a changin, Can you feel the breeze turning to a gale? Bare knuckle and resist or open your palms in faith, Unpredictable nature, Mother of chaos, She warns against … Continue reading Trust in the Distant Vision

Accountability and Blame

*New”Reflections” Blog Section: At night sometimes I have these periods of reflection/realization, and I’ve always had the impulse to share them, but never have. But I’m going to start. Maybe it’s just catharsis, but hopefully someone else will find them helpful too. I was thinking to myself, self-pitying a bit, about how today kinda sucked. But I’d be cowardly naive to think it’s anyone else’s fault, because … Continue reading Accountability and Blame