Tulum Day 11: The other side…

Today was one of the best days yet. I’ll admit, the day started out kind of rough. I really wanted to go to this organic market that goes on at this community called Aldea Zama. I figured I would want to buy a lot of produce so I thought today would be a good day to rent a car or a scooter. I went to three different places trying to rent a car but all of them proved to be more expensive than what I would pay in the US. I was very disappointed. And then I tried one of the scooter place and it was 400 pesos a day for a scooter, where as the cars were 500 pesos per today. I decided to go back to one of the rental car places, however they wanted to put an 8000 peso hold on my credit card, which was impossible because I don’t use credit cards. So I decided to walk.

After about an hour of walking and sweating like crazy, I was finally in the midst of the community. From there it took forever for me to get to the organic market; and, by the time I finally did, most of the vendors had left. Exhausted and out of water, I bought a large coconut to drink on the spot, and then some fresh bread to take back to the apt.

Since I was already on that side of town I decided to walk to the beach, but I was so tired and beaten down by the hot Yucatan sun that I figured I’d take a change on hitchhiking… I was literally raising my hands to the sky saying Thank you Universe for putting me in this beautiful place… You know what would be really cool? If I just stuck my thumb out and somebody nice and interesting gave me a ride to the main road, how about that ay?… 

At this point I had been walking alone for so long, that I began making up random songs and singing them aloud; and a few minutes later a little family in a white minivan picked me up!! What was ironic was the fact that the father and minivan pilot, Virgil, owns a magazine in Tulum! That’s pretty exciting for me considering I’m a writer. Anyways, they took me to the main road and we exchanged contact numbers; and then I spent the rest of the day on the beach until I was ready to go home. As I walked down the highway with my thumb out a few tourist piloted cars drove by me unfazed by the thumb, and then another incredibly nice Mexican family from Playa del Carmen picked me up and dropped me by my hotel. I feel so very lucky to have pushed past my fear of asking for things or help when I need it, because it has allowed me the opportunity to meet some amazing people… and I just have to add, every single Mexican baby/child I have met (especially today) has been so cute and sweet that they have almost brought me to tears. I LOVE Mexico. Tulum is a little touristy for me, but in general I love this country.

Emma Rubens
Mural in Tulum by Emma Rubens
Mural in Tulum by Emma Rubens
Emma Rubens
Mural in Tulum by Emma Rubens
Emma Rubes
Mural in Tulum by Emma Rubens

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