Tulum Day 10: Look inside yourself

La Calaca Avenida Tulum, MX
La Calaca Avenida Tulum, Q.R. MX
Skeleton at La Calaca Tulum, MX
Skeleton at La Calaca Tulum

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Tulum is beautiful Travel #fun


I’m feeling a little frustrated today for the silliest of reasons, but I know there are underlying causes beneath the aggravators on the surface. First, I quit smoking cigarettes six months ago, and I’ve been using a vapepen ever since. Unfortunately my charger for the e-cig stopped working yesterday. I walked around for hours looking for a place that might sell them. Unsuccessful. And I discovered via google when I got home that electronic cigarettes became illegal in Mexico in 2015. As I sit here and write my mind is still inclined to reach over and grab the e-cig out of my purse, like something is missing.

Clearly I’m still addicted to nicotine. I bought a pack of cigarettes last night. They’re gross. The mirror of my flaws that is being revealed to me through this experience is that I’m reliant on outside devices/forces/crutches whatever you want to call them, to provide me with a faux version of stability and fulfilment.

But the truth is:    Everything I want or need, I already have and am inside of myself. 

Anyways, we’re all just living the journey, hopefully trying to clearly see where we need to improve to be our best self. On a side note– since yesterday, I think I’ve progressed even further on the journey to annihilating my fear of bugs large and small. However, I feel that it is also important to note, that I’m currently covered in about 12 miserably itching and noticeably large bug bites about the size of a dime each; and I haven’t the slightest clue what insect caused what bite, but I guess what’s the point of knowing anyway…. It’d probably just lead me back to living the life of a serial bug murderer all over again…

Anyways, here are a few photos I took today between Avenida Tulum in town and some of the side streets leading back to my hotel.

Bus rider mural in Tulum, Q.R., MX
Mural in the town of Tulum, Q.R., MX

One thought on “Tulum Day 10: Look inside yourself

  1. Ah, I’m currently having the EXACT same problem (thus me finding this blog post) in Tulum. I have a Logic E-Cig and find myself puffing an empty cartridge. I’m thinking its a chance to begin my separation from Nicotine addiction.

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