Tomorrow is Today

You say tomorrow there will be more time.⁣
Today you have to focus on living.⁣
You have a deadline,⁣
laundry to do.⁣
The ducks are calling on you,⁣
and they need to be put in a row.⁣

Tomorrow you can look at this deeper,⁣
listen harder, let yourself feel it closer,⁣
today you have to get on with your life…⁣

But tomorrow is today⁣
and this is all of our lives,⁣
the revolution is now and your presence is required.⁣

These aren’t dishes that can wait to be washed,⁣
or inconsequential errands waiting to be ran.⁣
These are lines you need to draw now,⁣
a voice you need to bring forth.⁣

Show up. Show up. Show up.⁣
Open your mind,⁣
strengthen the force.⁣
If you focus on simply living,⁣
on keeping your ducks in a row,⁣
then you are keeping the old ways in motion.⁣

Stop the motion.⁣
Make space.⁣
Break the cycle.⁣

The change is here, will you join us?⁣
The castles you build will crumble in time,⁣
but your place in this fight will carry on,⁣
the change your spark today can light a 1000 torches.⁣

Give up the sovereignty of doing your dishes ⁣
and tackling your to do list,⁣
Set aside the demands of ‘you,’⁣
become a part of the ‘we.’⁣

Tomorrow is today.⁣
Your presence is required.

jordan-edwards-black-lives-matter-series-black-voices-printsScreen Shot 2020-06-06 at 11.26.44 AM

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