“I Do”

“I Do,” said I to Me.
Honoring the path forward⁣
with weighted buoyancy.⁣
The union. Wedded mind, body and soul.⁣
United. The higher and lower.⁣
The hand to hold, the ear and the shoulder,⁣
long awaited embrace,⁣
steadfast with the bond of a soldier.⁣

I will never again waiver. ⁣

“I Do” said I to Me.
My soul calling with delicate urgency.⁣
She’d been left out far too long,⁣
a balloon without a hand.
My dear, I promise you,⁣
it’s finally safe to land.⁣

I know sometimes you felt you couldn’t trust me in the past—⁣that my words were shaky,⁣
with commitments not built to last.⁣
But a shift has happened,⁣
there’s no turning back.

“I Do,” said I to Me.
a child again,⁣
opening receptively.⁣
Enamored with the lines that map my skin,⁣
in love with the midnight air and mystery,⁣

“I Do,” said I to Me.
I am Me and I am mine,⁣
Darling no more waiting on the line,⁣
wherever you go that’s where I’ll reside,⁣
in full color now, there’s nothing to hide.⁣

“I Do” said I to me,⁣
all is forgiven.⁣
And with that,⁣
It’s time we begin…

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