The Syndrome of Wanting: Part 1

The Syndrome of Wanting,⁣
a kaleidoscope of perpetually changing things.⁣
Desire models the marionette,⁣
the wanting controls the strings.⁣

The discord between where you are, ⁣
and where you long to be.⁣

The Syndrome of Wanting,⁣
once again guides your feet.⁣
Sucked out of the Now ⁣
like blood into a leech,⁣
no space for sweetness,⁣
even the deepest breath⁣
somehow feels incomplete…⁣

The Syndrome of Wanting, ⁣
a rueful and melodic thief.⁣
The rhythm is lost,⁣
your heart’s forgotten the beat. ⁣
You want that body, that boy, that house, that life… ⁣
the higher you climb, ⁣
the further out of reach..⁣

But, but, but, if only, then— ⁣
the thief in the clause stealing serenity, ⁣
hope buried in a time capsule,⁣
after all, there’s nothing here right now…⁣

The Syndrome of Wanting— ⁣
if only, if only, if only, well then…⁣
a game with an ever-changing peak, ⁣
once you get it my dear,⁣
it never tastes nearly as sweet.⁣

Time to settle down,⁣
and sever those strings. ⁣
Stop moving.⁣
Take a seat.⁣
All of the pulling will stop, ⁣
but first you have to release…

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