Syndrome of Wanting: Part 2

(Japan, Feb. 2019)

Burning house and the embers fly ⁣⁣
My stomach jumps in slow motion,⁣⁣
there’s a firefighter nearby…⁣⁣
tired heart,⁣ exhausted by the lie, ⁣⁣
caught up in smoke from castles I built to hide… ⁣⁣
The misconception that someone is going to save me…. ⁣⁣

Nobody is going to save me.⁣⁣
I’m tired of the waste, ⁣⁣
Inebriated misdirection.⁣⁣
All the energy I’ve funneled into the rapids,⁣⁣
chaotic rivers of missed connection,⁣⁣
rolling waves guided him that way,⁣⁣
and I wonder, Why not this way?⁣⁣
I can’t irrigate those channels ⁣⁣
I’m tired of trying.⁣⁣
I don’t have space for that.⁣⁣
There is only space for this.⁣⁣
This soul, this path, the seed of truth inside of me,⁣⁣
The one I pull the sun away from every time I shine my energy somewhere else.⁣⁣
Every time I shine myself on that ever-changing ‘yo.u’⁣⁣
There’s nowhere else.⁣⁣
It’s just right here.⁣⁣
These hands need to nurture,⁣⁣
to feel the grain of creation,⁣⁣
But Ive let them meander and toil,⁣⁣
Stripped down to the root ⁣⁣
love devoted in foreign soil,⁣⁣
There’s nowhere else,⁣⁣
There’s no one else, ⁣⁣
Come home baby,⁣⁣
Baby just come back home…⁣
Put it all on black right on her,⁣⁣
Cause there aint no one else.⁣⁣
Shine the light into the smallest corners,⁣⁣
Illuminate your shadows ⁣⁣
you’ve wasted so much time chasing clouds in search of the sun⁣,⁣
riding rollercoasters of possibility⁣,⁣
getting lost in valleys of intermittent sex appeal,⁣⁣
emotions swayed by elation⁣ and the preoccupation that someone else has the hand to heal.⁣⁣
It’s all shattered glass, ⁣⁣
a mesmerizing Monet on a disjointed canvas⁣⁣
Break focus. ⁣⁣
Come home baby,⁣⁣
baby just come back home, ⁣⁣
it’s all right here.⁣⁣
Awaken to the truth with divine attention⁣,⁣
Break it down⁣⁣
Break it open, ⁣
illuminate your reflection,⁣
It’s time for the evolution…⁣⁣

***It’s always been you, ⁣⁣
and that is so much more than enough, ⁣⁣
you’re the one that will save you…and what’s funny is you don’t even need saving, you never have***⁣

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