Dealing with Depression

Depression is something that I’ve dealt with on and off for a long time– it’s like a dark friend that I’ve tried to ignore and defeat with prescription drugs, illegal drugs, anything to deny its existence; but in the back of my mind I always know he’s there. I’ve come to a point in life where I’ve gone through these highs and lows, and then … Continue reading Dealing with Depression

Taking the Blue Star Ferry from Athens to Koufonisia

I got on the Blue Star Ferry (Naxos) to Koufonisia at 6 a.m. at Athens’ Piraeus Port, found my seat in Lounge 5 and passed out. I realize now that I didn’t even need to pay the extra 5 euros for an actual seat, nobody was sitting in the seats, the general economy option would have worked just fine, but you live, you learn and … Continue reading Taking the Blue Star Ferry from Athens to Koufonisia

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Short stop in Chania, Crete

On my way to a month-long intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training with Swaha Yoga led by Tanya Popovich in Paleochora, Crete (aka Kreta)  I had the chance to spend a few days in Chania (pronounce Hania), the second largest town on the island of Crete, Greece. Built in the 1300’s, the beautiful Venetian harbor in the port of Chania is definitely a magical place to … Continue reading Short stop in Chania, Crete

From Magazine Covers to Film & TV, Ashiko Westguard Has Our Attention

Few fields are as demanding and competitive as modeling. Beauty, humility, self-awareness, drive — to succeed, a model must have all these traits in spades. With all that and so much more, Canadian beauty Ashiko Westguard truly stands out in the crowd. With an exotic allure, inimitable charm, and a down-to-earth attitude that stems from her roots as a girl growing up in a small … Continue reading From Magazine Covers to Film & TV, Ashiko Westguard Has Our Attention

AirBnB Alternatives

I’m all set to fly to Crete, Greece in July, but finding a place to stay the night I arrive is proving to be more challenging than I initially anticipated. So far, the AirBnB options are limited and Hostelworld is not showing much within my budget. Normally I’d just scout out the villages myself, I seem to always have the best luck finding places by … Continue reading AirBnB Alternatives

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Bali Briefing: A Month in Paradise

(This post is coming a bit late in my travels as I am now in Greece, but here it is just the same. Enjoy!) Bali oh me oh my, dear Bali. Well, you’ve definitely got it all– drunk Aussies stumbling through Kuta, Rupia millionaire ex-pats living it up in Seminyak, vegan yoga junkies getting their fix in Ubud, master divers in search of shipwrecks, bright … Continue reading Bali Briefing: A Month in Paradise