Making Jewelry in Ubud, Bali


This weekend I took a silver jewelry making class with Made Hana at the Pondok Pekak Library in Ubud, Bali. For 300k IDR ($21) we were supplied with 3 grams of silver and 3 hours of instruction on creating our own pieces. I purchased by stones at Batu Batu on Jl. Raya Ubud on the way there for a very reasonable price, and was so excited to make some new rings. You can make any jewelry piece you want so it’s wise to come in with a little bit of inspiration so you know the direction you want to go— if you use over 3 grams of silver there is a small additional fee per gram.

Made was so sweet, I could have easily spent another few hours just listening to her laugh. First we wrapped the silver around the perimeter of the stone, cut it so it was just long enough to connect and then soldered the two ends together. Then we measured the length of the band for the rings, cut those, and hammered the two ends, flattening them so they were wide enough to support the width of the stones that would be placed upon them in the end. We went back and forth between hammering, shaping, soldering and sanding, and in the end I came home with these! I couldn’t be happier with these babies and I can’t wait to go back and make more.




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