Tulum Day 5: Quality Products

Something I’ve noticed over the past few days is the intricate artistry and craftsmanship that the people here in Mexico put into their work, especially when it comes to furniture, leather goods, ceramics and household items. I’m sure there are a multitude of other quality creations, but these are the things I immediately noticed. I guess I first became aware of the strength and durability of the wood furniture in my room when I was trying to move a small table and chair onto the balcony to write. It took all of strength to pick up the table; I literally had to lean back holding it up against my body as I waddled it outside.

Mexican Furniturea
Mexican made chair
Mexican Furniturea
Mexican made table

woodconnesiour mexico tulum playa del carmer strong mexican good valuable creations wood table wood chair

Coming from America, where a lot of things are mass produced and typically made with the intention of the consumer having to rebuy the same item within the next decade, something that doesn’t always show in the price, I was pretty shocked to discover the value and lifespan of these things. Unless you’re buying antiques or are extremely knowledgeable about long-lasting building methods and resources, chances are that if you’re buying American furniture and goods, you’re going to get a pretty cheap version.

I was talking to a friend about the wood from the trees that grow in Mexico yesterday, and he was telling me that all the furniture he has came from here and most of it was his father’s. The furniture shows no signs of deterioration, which is quite impressive when you consider the fact that some of it is over 40 years old.


Skull pipe made in Mexico

I bought this little skull pipe earlier today at a shop in town off HWY 307, and it’s clear that it was crafted by someone who cared about their work. I paid 250 pesos (a little over $15 USD) for it and I was thinking to myself: this is what I would pay for a glass pipe in America. I thought Mexico was supposed to be cheaper. And then it struck me, when you consider the lifetime, value and work that has gone into a lot of these items, they are less expensive than buying something in America because you have to repurchase the same things over and over again because they are made cheaply. I think when or if I ever buy a house, that Mexico would definitely be the place I would consider for furnishing my place.

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