Easing In: Yoga & My First Day on Koufonisia

I arrived at the port of Koufonisia in the afternoon where Elena, the manager of My Island Home, the hotel where I’ll be teaching yoga for the next few weeks waited for me with her dog. She drove me to my small shack off the beaten path near the center of town, I dropped off my bags and we headed five minutes up the only … Continue reading Easing In: Yoga & My First Day on Koufonisia

Ancient Monuments in Athens

If you like history or philosophy, or better yet, both, then Athens is a city that will make your little intellectual mind sing out in observance of and reverence for humanity’s magnificent past. The home to what arguably were the greatest philosophers who ever lived, or at the very least, the place where philosophy really began taking off more than 2500 years ago, Athens is … Continue reading Ancient Monuments in Athens

Down By the River Part 2

With hugs and only a few tears we said a melancholy good bye and my friends were off to embark on their own adventures, and me, I stayed behind at Villa Faragi. I was a bit apprehensive as to whether I could enjoy being alone again– I always have, but that was before I spent a month and a half surrounded by inspiring people non-stop– … Continue reading Down By the River Part 2

Journey Onward: Searching For the Old Yogi Down by the River

As the Houdetsi music festival came to a close we spent a magical day relaxing by the pool at Petronikoli Traditional House, a hotel in Houdetsi, which is run by the some of the warmest people I’ve met, and while we could have stayed there for days, as the afternoon waned it became time for us to make our next move. We heard tales of … Continue reading Journey Onward: Searching For the Old Yogi Down by the River

AirBnB Alternatives

I’m all set to fly to Crete, Greece in July, but finding a place to stay the night I arrive is proving to be more challenging than I initially anticipated. So far, the AirBnB options are limited and Hostelworld is not showing much within my budget. Normally I’d just scout out the villages myself, I seem to always have the best luck finding places by … Continue reading AirBnB Alternatives