Down By the River Part 2

With hugs and only a few tears we said a melancholy good bye and my friends were off to embark on their own adventures, and me, I stayed behind at Villa Faragi. I was a bit apprehensive as to whether I could enjoy being alone again– I always have, but that was before I spent a month and a half surrounded by inspiring people non-stop– what would I do?

Go to the river, that is what I’ll do. I hiked up the stream, exploring paths I had yet to see. I took photos of goats, meditated on rocks, swam freely, giggled to myself in awe of all the epic beauty surrounding me and read a book on the river bank. It was easy. That was the first day and the next few proceeded pretty much the same way; and I never once felt bored.

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I visited my yogi friend, brought him some fruit, he gave me dates and some delicious chocolate nut bar dessert I had never tried, and we talked about our lives, his knowledge of Qabalah and yoga, and much more. For an 86-year-old man, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone as sharp and as full of life as he is.

I coincidentally ran into a girl who came to visit us during our yoga training while walking along the river one day, and we spent a day exploring the waterfall at the very top of the river. It was nice to have another friend nearby. I was amazed by all of the little kalivas (nature dwelling homes) that existed all along the water– at first glance you wouldn’t even notice them, but after a few days I realized this place was home to a great many people!

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I did my yoga practice every morning by the river with some of the other yogis that lived in little shacks around the area; and then spent the rest of the day exploring. On the second to last day I found out the room my Greek friend had helped me book was only scheduled until Saturday, but I was leaving Sunday?

No Problem. I calmly packed my bags and saw this as an opportunity to spend more time in nature. Thankfully I had borrowed a friend’s hammock. I walked down into the gorge and found a spot a little ways up the river from my yogi friend and set up a space for the night. I made a little computer desk from some wood and a crate, and put my refrigerated foods in a plastic bag, tied them to a low branch over the river to keep them cool in the stream.

There were some rocky times, like discovering the hammock was not the best to sleep in and having to move to the floor, mentally combating the fear of bugs crawling into the sheets I wrapped myself in– and the fact that the only day that it rained happened to be the day I was sleeping outside, but it was only a light drizzle and nothing was too much to handle.


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