AirBnB Alternatives

I’m all set to fly to Crete, Greece in July, but finding a place to stay the night I arrive is proving to be more challenging than I initially anticipated. So far, the AirBnB options are limited and Hostelworld is not showing much within my budget. Normally I’d just scout out the villages myself, I seem to always have the best luck finding places by talking to locals, someone always offers up a good suggestion, and I like being able to see the place myself before booking. However, in this case I will be arriving at Chania Airport late at night and I know I’ll want to be able to rest so I can start exploring the following day. If only for the sake of peace of mind, anytime you’re taking a long flight to a new country it’s nice to know you have somewhere to relax when you get off the airplane before diving right on into your journey.

Some of the AirBnB alternatives that I’ve stumbled upon so far are:

**I’m also planning to try for the first time, I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂






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