New Tires (2011)

It’s almost time for new tires.

I don’t even notice the pressure

as it’s burning rubber down to wire.

Sometimes I get so lost,

trying to decipher destiny in desire

Losing logic to lust and love to liars.

Walking the plank,

they prepared to jump,

but in a flash one retired,

the heat rose up from the belly of the fire

tricked into a trance

the other left to admire…

Pushing past the stillness

a coalition of currents came chaotic–

Hey, can you feel this?


The ignition screamed deterrents

But reason’s robotic when your heart

plays the sledge hammer to logic.

feeling absent. consumed. swallowed up. erotic.

I waived my will, it felt melodic.

I thought I tasted love

but I’d only swallowed narcotics

I got consumed there somewhere along the line

passion’s claw, deeply rooted but unrefined.

The waters dried so I trolled along in wine,

fishing for something got me tangled in nothing…

careful child, bones wear thin if you try to carry

everything all the time…

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