Tulum Day 15: Not Getting What I Wanted, But I’ve Got What I Need

Man, I’ve been waiting on this FedEx envelope to come from my fiance in the U.S. with a charger for my e-cig, but It seems like it’s never going to come, so I’ve fully reverted to smoking gross, stinky, wrinkle-the-f-out-of-your-skin cigarettes, but I’m fine. Haha no really, at least now I am. I was working all day yesterday on one of the hotel patios that overlooked the street just so I could run down and meet the FedEx delivery man. What a waste, I could have been working on my computer on the main avenue, at least I might have had some exciting encounters instead of a strained neck. But oh well, you either resist until you shatter and freak out, or give in– so earlier today I decided to give in. And I feel much happier and relaxed. Oddly enough I had been praying for rain for the last two days, it has been so hot and I just wanted to see what rain would feel like here; and today the skies opened up. Later I was speaking with someone and they told me that it hasn’t rained her in two or three months, Ha!!

New Dress from Tulum, Q.R., Mexico
New Dress from Tulum, Q.R., Mexico

Anyways, here’s a photo of a cool new dress I bought from this lady around the corner earlier today. It was just hanging from the awning of her house with a few others and I fell in love! I’ve actually seen a lot of similar ones on the main avenida, but those shops are so touristy that the second I see them I want to run as fast as possible passed them with limited eye contact. I’m a sucker for a good salesman. So after two weeks of being here I saw this beauty and bought it for 50 pesos, I think the other ones on the street are about 200.

Lastly, another thing that I find funny and weird is the fact that while I was feeling a little lonely missing my best friend, my babe and our dog, I decided to take a photo of their photos on my nightstand; and then I discovered that I had somehow created a little buddy in the shadows to keep me company, do you see him?

Las Tres Palmas Hotel in Tulum
Las Tres Palmas Hotel in Tulum

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