Hermes Vintage Scarf Designs in my Mailbox?… Yes please…

Come this January Hermes will be available in mailboxes across the globe, that is, as long as they’re receiving postage from a Frenchy! The French post office will be distributing a selection of Hermes’ designed stamps as a part of their annual Valentine’s Day “Heart” collection which began in 2000. The collection which will include swan, heart, shooting star and lyre instrument illustrations taken from their “De tout coeur” scarf design by Zoé Pauwels will be available in all post offices on Jan. 28, and exclusively available on Jan. 25 and 26 at the postal service’s “Le Carre d’Encre” store in Paris.

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Hermes (1837) began crafting insanely beautiful pieces over a century before my birth back in 1986.  I have coveted their designs in an unruly manner ever since I discovered the soft leather constructs of one of my aunt’s Hermes saddles in our tack room as a child. From saddles upwards of $7,000 and Birkin bags upwards of $14,000 (one of which being the second most expensive bag in the world coming in at  $1.9 million), there has never been a hair of a chance of me owning my owning anything with the Hermes stamp upon it, until now; and you can be assured I will be contacting all my French comrades with requests for some good old-fashioned mailbox correspondence.

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