Bon Boyage!

My boyfriend and I are about to embark on a three month excursion throughout Europe and I could not be more thrilled. We’ll be starting off in Portugal, one of the oldest colonizing countries in the world. Here’s a photo of one of the castles in Sintra, which is not only one of Portugal’s most beautiful provinces known for its incredible colors, but is revered for its occult and ancient mysticism.

Sintra Castle
Sintra Castle

One thought on “Bon Boyage!

  1. What great photos and information on each place. Good job Portia!! You could also become a travel writer and have a show like Rick Stevens Travels only much hipper! I miss the two of you terribly!! Like
    Natalie says your on your pre honeymoon . Don’t answer now, but give this a thought, would you like your wedding to be at the Malibu Ranch? Lots of family members had their weddings their.
    Much love to you and Bobby,

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