Working at Boom!

We went to Boom festival in Portugal where we worked with The Do Lab to help build the Alchemy Stage. The experience was pretty amazing, we camped for 20 days, met a lot of incredible people from around the world, and of course, danced our asses off! … 20140821-104400 pm-81840652.jpg20140821-104403 pm-81843372.jpg

20140821-104404 pm-81844984.jpg

20140821-104359 pm-81839301.jpg

20140821-104405 pm-81845325.jpg

20140821-104355 pm-81835486.jpg

20140821-104356 pm-81836727.jpg

20140821-104357 pm-81837866.jpg

20140821-104401 pm-81841928.jpg

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