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30 Hours to Paradise

Well I made it to Koh Phangan, Thailand where it’s 15 hours ahead of California, and I’m definitely feeling the weirdness of not having really slept yet after having departed the U.S. on a Monday evening and arriving at my destination on a Wednesday afternoon– my body and mind feel a bit confused, but it is so jaw droppingly, pinch yourself and question if this … Continue reading 30 Hours to Paradise

Secret Ceviche Spot Tulum

The secret spot you wish you knew about… Lucky you, now you do… But good luck finding it, use your intuition, if you really want it, you will find it… If you are in the mood for some local ceviche that’s super off the radar and perhaps, the freshest you’ll ever encounter, then darlings you are in for a treat… Today my friend Richard graciously … Continue reading Secret Ceviche Spot Tulum