Quiet. Silence is Speaking.

Silence. The air is talking. The waves crashing. The planes rocket forth in the distance. How rare to just sit. To shut off the machine and simply exist. The silence looks black or white depending on the day. One moment the sun seems unable to rise, And all the nothingness appears empty. Yet soon enough the quiet shines a light. Emptiness becomes openness, a fertile … Continue reading Quiet. Silence is Speaking.

Trust in the Distant Vision

  Making plans in the sand, Planting seeds for the future, You’ve laid them down like stones in your mind, So steadfast and precise, But they’re just stencils in the ether, And the currents they are a changin, Can you feel the breeze turning to a gale? Bare knuckle and resist or open your palms in faith, Unpredictable nature, Mother of chaos, She warns against … Continue reading Trust in the Distant Vision