Youthful Joy


A photo I took of some cute Indonesian babes in Uluwatu, Bali earlier this year


Cackling loud.

Raising the volume with every giggle,

like a balloon blowing up with energy,

ready to burst.

do you remember being young and running through the streets?

we were sweating and laughing so hard,

it was then that we felt what it meant to make the heart really beat,

jolting our rib cage til we could barely breathe,

so contagious,

it was pure, magnetic

and oh so simple,

jumping out from behind the wall to shock your friend,

startling anticipation making you both shreak,


if it’s true what they said about your face molding into the form you hold hardest

then the corners of our lips would reach our ears,


tingling, rattling, shocking joy,

that’s what all this business about,

that and ripping the heads off our barbie dolls,

but nobody said we were perfect,

we never needed to be,

we were Happy,

and then the melancholy lost youth set in,

complexity came and it confused,

hopes not lost my dear friend,

we can get back there if we try,

pealing back the layers one by one,

all this identity, the seperation,

those were things we trained ourselves to believe,

a mental design we don’t need,

meet me back behihnd that movie theatre,

the one we used to sneak into,

jump out from behind the shadows,

I’ll hold the door

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