Taking the Blue Star Ferry from Athens to Koufonisia

I got on the Blue Star Ferry (Naxos) to Koufonisia at 6 a.m. at Athens’ Piraeus Port, found my seat in Lounge 5 and passed out. I realize now that I didn’t even need to pay the extra 5 euros for an actual seat, nobody was sitting in the seats, the general economy option would have worked just fine, but you live, you learn and then you blog, hopefully saving someone else the money.

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The Blue Star Naxos is a massive eight-floor boat with a spacious deck circling the surrounding top two floors, and the views of the ocean are breathtaking; for me, it was also nice to get a short view of some of the Greek islands as we stopped at several ports along the way to drop and pick-up passengers. I’m writing this post because when I booked my ticket I couldn’t decide, which lounge to book my seat in, but as I already said you really don’t need to pay the extra money to book a seat– if you want to though, lounges 2 and 3 on the 6th floor, where the cafe’s are, so it is a bit noisier there, and lounges 4 and 5 are on the 7th floor, which is much quieter. Then there’s business class, which has it’s own sit-down restaurant, which looked nice, but I can’t vouch for because you can only go in if you booked a business class ticket and I didn’t. Anyways, hope someone out there finds this helpful!

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