WOW Reiki…

  My beautiful friend Jaya, who I’ve known for the last 16 years and happens to be here on Koh Phangan with me, has spent the last week diving into reiki training with full force. Today she completed her level 2 certification at Orion Healing Center down the road in Srithanu and she invited me over to Orion’s yoga dome to do a reiki session … Continue reading WOW Reiki…

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A Brief Rundown of Resort Bars and Views on Koh Phangan

For those of you who plan to come to Koh Phangan, Thailand which, if you like yoga, island vibes, beautiful beaches and tropical weather, (and of course the popular full moon party, which I’ve yet to check out but sounds pretty hectic!) then I absolutely recommend experiencing at least once in your life– here is a list of some of the restaurants, beach bars and … Continue reading A Brief Rundown of Resort Bars and Views on Koh Phangan

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Making Friends With Bugs and Other Animals

When I was younger I had tarantula and a snake and I loved them, I’d let them crawl all over me and I was never afraid. But as I’ve gotten older my bug phobia, specifically with spiders and cockroaches has grown exponentially. The other night I stumbled upon a massive spider in my bathroom, I was so paranoid that I avoided the bathroom for the … Continue reading Making Friends With Bugs and Other Animals

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Relaxing Into “Island Time”

….why would you want to live a life that was less than devotional art? For your own sake, for the sake of all beings, for God’s sake, wouldn’t you rather relax open as love’s offering than contract in stress and subjective confusion? Even if you were cooking dinner for yourself, alone in your house, why move as less than love’s open dance while offering your … Continue reading Relaxing Into “Island Time”

The Art of Taking A Shit in Thailand

(***This post is exactly what the title says it is, a little TMI but hopefully a useful FYI so you don’t go using your landlord’s dishtowel like I did) I came home after having a fabulous dinner with some friends at Big Mountain in Haad Chao Phao on Koh Phangan last night and I really had to go to the bathroom. After travelling for two days with crappy … Continue reading The Art of Taking A Shit in Thailand

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30 Hours to Paradise

Well I made it to Koh Phangan, Thailand where it’s 15 hours ahead of California, and I’m definitely feeling the weirdness of not having really slept yet after having departed the U.S. on a Monday evening and arriving at my destination on a Wednesday afternoon– my body and mind feel a bit confused, but it is so jaw droppingly, pinch yourself and question if this … Continue reading 30 Hours to Paradise