Portia Leigh

Last Thoughts Before Moving Out of My City

I’m sitting in my old room, the one that is now my sister’s…. and I realize I’ve come so far. This place doesn’t even feel like it was ever mine. it’s totally new. And now, in a couple of hours, I will be driving my packed up truck to somewhere that really is totally new. Grass Valley. I’m scared, I’m not scared. I’m fucking scared. … Continue reading Last Thoughts Before Moving Out of My City

Artillery Apparel Gallery

I was in San Francisco for a few days last month with my boyfriend. We came across this awesome and innovative store in the Mission called  Artillery Apparel Gallery. They had everything; Jewelry, art, carvings, prints and clothes. It was almost overwhelming stepping foot into the store’s visual collaboration of works across so many mediums, and all from local artists &  designers. I was rendered practically … Continue reading Artillery Apparel Gallery