Artillery Apparel Gallery

I was in San Francisco for a few days last month with my boyfriend. We came across this awesome and innovative store in the Mission called  Artillery Apparel Gallery.

They had everything; Jewelry, art, carvings, prints and clothes. It was almost overwhelming stepping foot into the store’s visual collaboration of works across so many mediums, and all from local artists &  designers. I was rendered practically breathless in trying to swallow the super inspiring creative vibe– it was like I wanted to sit down and start making sh*t from the second I got inside; and I was really thrilled to discover the swing hanging from the middle of the ceiling once I made it into the back part of the store.

I’ve seen similar attempts to create something like this in Los Angeles; but, never with works solely by local artists.

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I can honestly say at 26 years-old my favorite thing about this life of mine so far is traveling, even if only for a few days, the breath of fresh life found inside uncharted territory is priceless. Now a days I love shaking up the scenery; but, it wasn’t always like this.

I used to force myself to adapt to the monotony of whatever my current daily routine was. I simply left no leeway for a break, at least not without immediately worrying over a list of unavoidable repercussions which multiplied the more my imagination wandered. In the end I’d always end up burning out on whatever it was I was doing at the time, something I didn’t realize until the beginning of 2010. I discovered an innate ability to break away from my drab schedule and be just fine after being let go from a job in Hollywood. After deciding to sublet my apartment to a couple of trustworthy Canadians who planned to film Los Angeles, I packed my bags and headed to San Francisco to visit a friend. It was a whim decision which sent me off traveling for the following six months, it was glorious. While I lived in Florida and New York, and traveled all in between them, my rent stayed paid in Los Angeles as there was never a shortage of subletters looking to infiltrate my Hollywood palace for the measly cost of $700 a month.

In the end I learned that I can pack up and go whenever I wish, as long as I believe I can.

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