Gypsy 05 I love your blog, but you can take your overpriced Bull sh*t and sell it to the ignorant….

The underlying pilar of my ‘Gypsy’ style is NOT  spending thousands of dollars on my wardrobe. Granted, I have a slew of pricey pieces. Some are cherished splurges purchased on a whim, but most are hand-me downs from my deceased aunt who devoted a substantial portion of her doctor’s income to always looking fresh (all of which I’m EXTREMELY grateful for.) The remainder of my wardrobe I’ve filled in with diamond in the rough pieces I’ve found at a long list of places; The Melrose Trading Post (formerly known as the Fairfax Flea Market), Jet Rag’s dollar sale (every Sunday), It’s A Wrap, Downtown LA’s Fashion District etc.,

I stumbled upon a pair of these (the ones above) for $10 in a dance warehouse off Topham and Reseda Blvd. in the San Fernando Valley several years ago and just couldn’t pass them up. I was checking out the Gypsy 05 blog earlier today and I became rather aggravated after being bombarded by several variations of the very slipper I have at 10 times the price!

The only real difference being the ones on their site (being sold from $99.00 – $120.00) have a more durable plastic sole in place of the leather strip which is sewn to the bottom of mine.

Anyways, after the distaste for their thievery faded from my mouth I began hunting down alternative, yet similar, woven slippers with a more affordable price tag.

I came across these cuties for $45.00 on the Sundance Catalog‘s website… still better than paying $99 for a half-calve boot!

I also found this cool chick Iwona Ifonka who has an Etsy site based out of Poland. She knits and crochets all these cool items and one of them, although not a boot, is a great little slipper shoe priced at $18!

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