DKNY Versatile Wrap I love/Hate you….

Today I came across DKNY‘s Cozy Wrap, a sweater which can be tied 12 different ways for a new look! My immediate reaction being Ugh my design motivation based on versatile pieces is flooding the mainstream, Abandon the Ship! Apparently it’s been around for a while, I was just late to the runway.

I’ve been making pants with a wrap tie at the waist for the last several months. I make the ties in the front long enough so they can either be double wrapped around the waist, giving the wearer a wider range of sizeability; or the ties can be wrapped around the neck for a super low v-neck pants jumper (which looks great with a bandeau bra and shorts for a sexy night look.)

I’m all about conversions. My motivation stemming from a time several years ago when I’d skateboard around in between bus stops to friend’s houses with my clothes for the night in my back pack. I never knew what was going to happen. We might end up at a dive bar, kick-back, art-opening or some bougie club or house party, point being– I always had to be prepared.

So my focus over the last couple of years has been on making clothes that girls can wear for a street-ready, take on the world kind of look, one that could also transition easily into the perfect night garb with only minimal changes. Basically, I’m all about versatility. I bank on the motto that just because I’ve ridden horses, dirt bikes and snowboards religiously my whole life, well that doesn’t mean I can’t be a sexy beauty queen in the evening; and more importantly, I don’t have to lug along a suitcase to do it!

Anyways, I really do love the options given by Donna Karen’s Classic Cozy, so here it is…



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