Random tid bit… Kate Moss’ new book..Camilla Arthur…Bookmarc by Marc Jacobs

I’ve been assisting Casting Director Camilla Arthur from her LA office all week while she is busy in the UK. The past few days I’ve spent my time outside coffee shops making phone calls to agencies, talking to douchey agents (some not as bad as others), and keeping my eyes peeled on the street in pursuit of the perfect candidates for seven edgy roles. The diamond in the rough characters I’ve been searching for are for a Desperado’s Beer commercial that is scheduled to shoot with Director Floria Sigismondi (The Runaways) next month.  I’ve worked in casting before, but this is my first time working with Camilla; and I learned earlier today from her former assistant, who happens to be my boyfriend, that she was mentioned in Kate Moss’ new book “Kate: The Kate Moss Book.”

Kate autographed books on friday during her book launch at Bookmarc, Marc Jacob’s London book store. In her book, Ms. Moss thanks Camilla in a roundabout way for helping make her into the cinderella supermodel story that she is after discovering her during a fateful street casting. Apparently Camilla became most notably recognized as a casting director from her ability to bypass the agency option box and move to the street in order to the find the perfect model/actor/actress for a role.

How organic and unHollywwod; I love it. Go Camilla. Go Kate. & Go destiny/right place right time factor.

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On a Side Note!!~ I’m so stoked to see that Marc Jacobs has a book store, I’m effing thrilled in fact. I find the merger of fashion and book bred knowledge so sexy. I’m almost disappointed in myself for not knowing about the store sooner; but then again, self loathing is so not GypsyRich! I’ll try to read Publisher’s Weekly more often 😉

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