Tulum Day 4

The full moon party was a lot of fun. They played mostly EDM and some chill vibe drum and bass and everyone was dancing and having a blast. You could run around on Papaya Playa’s multiple wood decks, sit by the fire and watch the moonlight cascading across the water as the waves crashed or dance your ass off in the sand. It really was … Continue reading Tulum Day 4

Tulum Day 2: Settling In

I woke up super late today and it was god damn glorious. I walked down Satellite Sur past the main road, highway 307, and went to this incredible lunch & breakfast restaurant called Azafran. It was so cute. Brightly coloured walls inside and out, a small pond with a few turtles wading around, and the food was delicious. I sat on the back patio surrounded by these massive … Continue reading Tulum Day 2: Settling In

Artillery Apparel Gallery

I was in San Francisco for a few days last month with my boyfriend. We came across this awesome and innovative store in the Mission called  Artillery Apparel Gallery. They had everything; Jewelry, art, carvings, prints and clothes. It was almost overwhelming stepping foot into the store’s visual collaboration of works across so many mediums, and all from local artists &  designers. I was rendered practically … Continue reading Artillery Apparel Gallery