Gypsy Rich Birthday: Chic & Sweet DIY

When I don’t have an abundance of monetary resources, I often have difficulty actually ‘purchasing’ gifts for others; not because I don’t want to spend money, but because I don’t like shoddy, non-heart felt gifts. If it’s your birthday I want to go out of my way to get you that record you mentioned once in a blue moon, the one you were non-chaleantly dying to have, or that new saddle for your horse. I have a vomit-inducing distaste for monetary restriction when it comes to gift giving.

It was my mom’s birthday today. Her livelihood and life’s passion is horses, ergo the above mentioned saddle. I’d love to watch her unwrap a $7000 Hermes’ beauty, but that would set me back close to a year’s rent, so that soft and supple leather that molds to a rider’s body and smells so fresh it’s almost heaven sent, will have to come from some someone else. It’s hard buying for loved ones who already have everything someone in my price bracket can afford; but, I’ve realized these hard to buy for giftees– in almost all of my 26 years of gift giving, appreciate a handmade and heart-inspired present.

Even though I’m off on my own, my mom still has my two sisters, stepdad and a barn full of horses to tend to, but just because she works all day, that doesn’t mean she has to do it without a little glitzy flare!! So, realizing that she usually pulls her hair back, wearing a headband in order to keep the straggling locks out of her face, I decided she could really use a groovy head band, something that would easily transition for day and night looks, and viola! 

After wire-wrapping some ground-score shells to a strip of stretchy-sequin material, sewing that to another stretchy yet soft and comfortable material, adding a cute little button to make a seam look more like an intentional bow, this is what we have, a totally versatile head band, great for all occasions 😉

My mom is 6’2 and I know with her long legs she has a terrible time finding pants, it’s a problem all of the girls in our family share.  I’ve been making these really comfortable and versatile beach pants like the ones above since I quit my regular job this past June. I knew she was fond of the material’s breathability so I tailored a pair especially for her, subsequently adding in these little leather ties after recalling a pair of matching semi-stretch bells she got us both in the 90’s which had similar leather ties in the front for size-adjustability. (Ironically found at a store formerly known as Tall Etc.)

All in all, today was a total birthday success. Mom was happy, I feel like I can be proud of what I gave her (both constructionally and the intention behind it) and I can still pay my rent.

I feel like this version of satisfaction is so Gypsy Rich.

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